Purpose-driven branding

Working exclusively in the not-for-profit sector,  being ‘purpose driven’ feels like something which should be fully baked into each of the organisations we work with – but perhaps surprisingly, this isn’t always the case.

In the complex context of housing associations, the cause, or the ‘why?’ can easily get lost in the noise of commerciality, demanding customer service targets, and ambitious development plans.

We had a brilliant opportunity to present and share our thoughts and latest experiences from our Citizen project work at the Inside Housing Conference #IHC2019, where we explored the question:

‘How can you create a brand with purpose that motivates staff, satisfies customers and liberates your organisation to deliver positive social change?’

First of all, why bother?  Well – having a brand with a deeply rooted connection to your purpose is something which delivers genuine business value.  Staff who really care about the impact of their work go the extra mile, and this ‘discretionary input’ leads not only to a greater sense of job satisfaction, but increased productivity.

Being purpose driven helps your organisation have a clearer strategic focus – avoiding some of the pitfalls of mission drift.  And of course, most importantly, being purpose driven means a focus on the people who you work for, your customers, moving away from ‘them and us’ to a place of genuine partnership.

Take a look at our presentation and have a think about our sliders in the context of your organisation- are there some departments which are more engaged with purpose than others, and if so why?  What could be done to more deeply embed the notion of cause from exec teams through to those on the front line, delivering services?

See if you can have a go at re-wording your ‘strapline’ or organisation’s descriptor to move it to a place where it captures and communicates the cause more effectively.

Let us know what you think…