All We Can

Rebranding and developing a supporter engagement strategy for an International Development charity.

Facing a serious demographic decline MRDF identified a need to engage with the new generation of Methodists and reach out beyond the core support of Methodist churches in the UK.

Public Life was appointed to conduct further research and consultation and help develop a new positioning strategy. This process led to a new name, an updated brand identity, logo, messaging and visual style.

Understanding what matters to supporters

We collaborated with the senior team across a series of workshops to analyse the brand, explore opportunities over the next decade and develop a better understanding of what really matters to supporters.


A new name

The result was All We Can – a new, energetic and optimistic name, which underlines a challenge to make a deep commitment to global social change. The phrase All We Can has deep Methodist roots, based as it is on a famous quote by John Wesley: ‘Do all the good you can. For all the people you can. In all the ways you can. Just as long as ever you can.” Wesley’s words exemplify the passionate sense of practical charity at the heart of Methodism.


A brand toolkit

Public Life developed a new brand toolkit for All We Can, including logo, strap line, key messages and a campaign slogan: ‘Poverty is personal. So is the solution.’ Deliverables included a launch campaign and fundraising materials.