Public Life has rebranded one of the country’s largest housing associations to give it a vibrant look and feel and a new name that perfectly captures its values and social purpose – Citizen.

Home a foundation for life

Through a series of workshops, we established key drivers and values for the project. Authenticity and a strong sense of social purpose were seen as key, as was a deep commitment to organisational change and improvement. We crowdsourced over 400 new name ideas and evaluated this list down to just one. Citizen perfectly captured ideas of dignity, respect and that every customer has a part to play in our society, with all the rights and responsibilities related to that.

Family spread

Research and stakeholder consultation

We laid a strategic foundation through research and competitor analysis, also looking at emerging trends in the housing association sector. Understanding people's perceptions is key, so we consulted with staff, customers and external stakeholders to build a detailed picture. We found that there was lots of confusion created by multiple sub-brands, which led to confusing customer experiences.

Citizen strategy slides

Brand toolkit

Our design team created a strong visual style for the new brand, which used punchy oranges and pinks and a strong logo to create a distinctive graphic style. We also worked with the team to create a strategic position statement and key brand language to support messaging moving forwards.

Citizen logo tech

We believe being a citizen is a hugely important concept. It means being part of society, having a stake, having rights as well as responsibilities and being respected. People in our communities face some fundamental challenges and we want to support them to deal with these. We want to provide more than just a home; we want to provide a foundation for life.

Citizen in-house team

Ongoing brand rollout

The brand will be applied to Citizen's offices across the Midlands, as well as vans, uniforms and other associated collateral. Public Life created a brand launch microsite and is working on a full website redesign. The rollout is ongoing and is expected to be complete by Autumn 2019.

Name changing spread mockup copy