An accessible presentation of the UK's most valuable data showing how people and society are changing across the generations.

The UK’s longitudinal studies are a crucial source of evidence for policy development in health, economics and society. Much of our understanding about the impact of childhood poverty and the consequences of smoking in pregnancy have been drawn from longitudinal studies.

The fully responsive website supports CLOSER to promote the studies worldwide both to government researchers and academics providing them with the tools to analyse and understand the wealth of data available.


Communicating with policy makers

"Government research is reactive and policy changes are frequent. We need short evidence summaries written by good communicators, not academics."

Government researcher

Exploring the evidence

Research with the policy audience revealed the need to provide easy to understand summaries of key evidence around popular topics, such as ageing, health and employment. CLOSER is engaging with these audiences regularly to review their needs and develop content which responds to emerging policy priorities. We created an interface for the evidence which allows users to browse, filter and search evidence summaries based on a range of themes and key life stages.



The first UK longitudinal study started in 1920 and the Life study is just about to start, creating nearly one hundred years of data. Understanding when each study starts, what information is available and how to access it is an ongoing challenge for researchers. We designed an interactive timeline feature and a helpful browse and filter interface to enable users to find their way around the available data.