UCL Centre for Holocaust Education

Helping teachers move beyond traditional teaching and encouraging young people to think independently

The UCL Centre for Holocaust Education, which is part of the Institute of Education, provides the UK’s only research-based national programme of professional development for teachers involved in teaching the Holocaust.

Our brief was to raise the Centre’s profile without oversimplifying its nuanced but challenging approach to Holocaust education. We also needed to implement a bespoke booking and events system, along with user accounts, teaching profiles and the foundation for an online community, all in support of the operational aspects of their CPD programme.

Developing the brand

Public Life developed a new logo for the Centre and refreshed its visual brand, creating a distinctive sub-brand which sits comfortably within the overall IOE space, while creating a visual style which is appropriate to such a serious and challenging topic. We also helped the Centre to develop a more confident sense of its unique differentiators within Holocaust education – academic rigour, a sound research base and a uniquely challenging and pedagogical approach.


The website

Our design for the website uses strong images and a confident, minimalist and contemporary style, that positions the Centre as a thought leader in Holocaust education. The Centre’s research shows that many teachers have low levels of subject knowledge, compounded by a lack of awareness of the gaps in their knowledge. A simple but effective quiz encourages site visitors to test their knowledge, in the hope that this will help to increase their awareness and drive demand to know more.


Promoting resources

Alongside direct and peer to peer marketing approaches, many teachers first discover the site when they are searching for lesson plans and teaching resources. The site promotes the numerous resources developed by the Centre as well as using them as a practical way to explain further the Centre’s pedagogical approach. At the same time, a strong persuasive architecture encourages teachers to go further and learn more by signing up for one of the free courses in their broader CPD programme.


Bespoke booking system with user accounts

Built to the unique requirements of the Centre, the booking system allows for changing access levels, prerequisite courses and a sign-up process that gives the Centre’s team a means of screening users against their eligibility terms. The user’s My account page, enables them to save favourite resources and track their progress through the full breadth of the CPD programme, thereby promoting deeper engagement and sign up to further courses. The user account also provides the potential for a future peer to peer community, enabling class cohorts to engage in discussion and peer learning alongside the classroom based programme.