Learning Away

Demonstrating the benefits of school trips

Learning Away aims to enhance young people’s learning, achievement and well-being through high-quality residential learning experiences.

A special initiative of Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Learning Away is bringing together schools from across the country to develop, pilot and evaluate a wide range of residential experiences. The aim is to demonstrate that residentials are most effective when they are integrated into the curriculum as part of a programme of experiences that should run throughout a child’s career at school.

Public Life’s website for Learning Away addresses three main audiences: primary and secondary school teachers; senior leaders; and providers of residential learning experiences.


Understanding the benefit

A ‘brilliant residential’ is a residential that is integrated with the curriculum and focused on students needs. The site outlines the characteristics of the approach, along with the evidence to back it up, through infographics, quotes and clear messaging around impact.


Case study library

The site’s content is categorised into sections such as ‘Impact’ and ‘Practicalities’ and case studies are easily searchable by user-focused tags.


Bold visual brand

Striking documentary style photography shows young people engaged in a wide-range of residential activities, capturing the excitement and enjoyment of these memorable learning experiences.