Walsingham Support

A new brand and website that enhances the reach and effectiveness of a leading provider of personalised care and support

Walsingham’s new brand provides a confident new look for the learning disability and autism charity, with sharper messaging and a clearer customer offer.

The website addresses the needs of key customer groups, including commissioners, family members and people with learning disabilities. It showcases the new brand and emphasises the charity’s commitment to highly personalised services for people with learning disabilities and autism by leading with strong cases studies addressing key issues such as employment opportunities and support services for people with complex needs.

Your life. Your way.

The support Walsingham offers is highly personalised. This approach means the charity has very high satisfaction ratings among customers and their families and a strong reputation for quality service provision among commissioning organisations such as local authorities.


Purpose recognition

The new brand name Walsingham Support increases the charity's purpose recognition and differentiates it from the Anglican Shrine which shares the same name! The new brand identity emphasises charity’s key strengths: its recognition that everyone is different and a focus on 'practical innovations' - thoughtful, careful, day to day innovations in how services are provided for each individual, which can have a big impact on their quality of life.


Supporting families and commissioners

A localised service finder enables families and commissioners to identify appropriate services. Users are connected with a named member of the local Walsingham Support team who will be able to provide detailed information about next steps.


Easy read

We created simple easy read materials which addressed the key concerns of service users when moving into and living in Walsingham Support accommodation. The approach to imagery is documentary - rooted in people’s lived experience - rather than symbolic.


Printed resources

Walsingham commissioned Public Life to design and produce a range of printed materials to support the launch of the new brand, including a brochure for commissioners.