Young Hackney

Our cool new website for Young Hackney focuses on utility, enabling young people to find out what's on and make the most of the rich cultural and sporting life in their borough.

Young people use the internet on mobile more than any other medium – and they are demanding customers, because they want their mobile websites to be simple, functional and supremely easy to use, as well as pretty cool to look at.

Young Hackney wants all young people in the borough to have good life outcomes and enjoy their youth. One of the best ways of helping them achieve this is to provide a wide range of life enhancing experiences outside of school hours, so the website’s primary goal was to help young people get connected with what’s going on in their borough during the afternoons, evenings and weekends.

Creating a functional and user friendly mobile experience was fundamental, so Public Life took a ‘mobile first’ approach to design and build. We created mobile prototypes and tested the site so that it matched their primary user needs and priorities before elaborating the design and build for desktop computers.

Young people and the internet

What I love about Snapchat, it's so quick, in and out, ten seconds max. It's What'sApp and Skype all in one. It's like a game of selfie.

Hackney teenager

Listening to young people

We worked with a group of young people at several stages of the project process. They expressed their views in a diversity of ways, including focus groups, surveys, feedback on prototypes and through 'human graphs', where they got together into groups to support an idea that they thought was strong.

A human graph of young people showing which social media they prefer.

Mobile first

85% Hackney young people accessing the web via their smartphones every day

75% After Facebook, Snapchat is the most popular social platform among young people in Hackney with 75% using it every day.

Event finder

Our event finder created a step change in the user-friendliness of Hackney's events and activities data. We worked with the Young Hackney team to reorganise and restructure their data so as to prioritise young people's needs. The search now supports quick and easy access to the most important information, enabling young people to connect directly with the activities that interest them most.


Social media

After Facebook, Snapchat is the most important social platform, with 75% of Hackney young people using Snapchat every day. We took some of our design cues from Snapchat and created a scannable online Snapchat ghost to enable young people to quickly and easily connect with Young Hackney's Snapchat news updates. Quick polls and other social actions are supported with bespoke Young Hackney emojis, creating a graphic language for the site that feels both familiar and fresh.


Getting involved

The site highlights the diverse ways young people can get involved in their borough, from taking part in youth forums through to becoming members of the local Youth Parliament. It also provides an innovative way of engaging young people in information and advice services by promoting a monthly hot topic that addresses issues of genuine concern for this group, such as cycle safety and knife crime.